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I Thought You Said He Had Blue Eyes?


Ever get part way through your book and accidently change the eye colour of your main character without meaning to but don't catch it? Then a little later someone pulls you on it?


We've all been there. We'll probably all be there again.

BUT hopefully, we can cut down the chances a little with the THE CHARACTER MAP. 


Purposefully made to help you plot out your characters from their physicality all the way down to what makes them tick, the pad also helps you plot out flaws, personality traits, backstories, and even friends and family.


Made A4 in size.

(210mm x 297mm)

Colour: ORANGE



The Pretty Little Design Co. is NOT responsible for how it prints.



    By purchasing you are agreeing to the following terms of usage for any of the digital options available on the site.

    Licensing: PERSONAL USE ONLY.

    You are not permitted to sell, copy, distribute, share or alter in any way.

    Do not share these files with anyone else, such as friends and family. They are solely for you as a paying customer.

    • PDF format ONLY. You will recieve a link to download.
    • This purchase is non-refundable.
    • You only need to purchase it once.
    • You are responsible for downloading to somewhere safe to use for your projects.
    • You are permitted to print these to use as a physical form for personal use.
    • The Pretty Little Design Co. is NOT responsible for how it prints.

    This includes colour variation due to printer choice and sizes as the digital options mirror the physical option The Pretty Little Design Co. originally intended the designs for.


    • The Character Map – A4
    • The Sprinting Journal – DL
    • The Book Review Log – A5

    Any questions, please contact me at

    • You will recieve a download link upon purchase.
    • This will allow you to download a link ZIP folder with the PDF edition of this product.
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