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ALL purchases are liable to the full terms and condition which cover our custom work.

By purchasing a pre-made cover or any additional items, you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions listed on the website - - as well as the terms and conditions listed for pre-made covers.

The Agreement is entered into by and between THE PRETTY LITTLE PUBLISHING CO LTD, a registered limited company (Company Number 14782883), trading under THE PRETTY LITTLE DESIGN CO. under the laws of the United Kingdom (“Designer”) and YOU (“Client”) with respect to designer services as client’s graphic design in accordance to the following:



  • The following agreement outlines the terms and conditions of service used by The Pretty Little Design Co. in regard to any pre-made cover artwork and/or design work produced between The Pretty Little Design Co. and their Client.

  • All payments much be made in full on the website -

  • The Client acknowledges that any covers bought are at their own discretion.

  • All pre-made covers sold are final, non-refundable, and non-transferrable.

  • The Client is eligible to one of two packages and must choose to upgrade when purchasing.

  • Clients acknowledge they are only allowed one set of changes - information should be final.

  • The Client is not eligible to continue any artwork on with another designer as The Pretty Little Design Co. owns all intellectual copyright. Failure to follow this may result in legal action.

  • Individual pre-mades cannot be joined to make a series due to the design process.

  • The Pretty Little Design Co. does not have to make pre-mades into a series.

  • ONLY standard licensing is covered by The Pretty Little Design Co.

  • Extended licensing is the Client’s responsibility.

  • Additional work is chargeable.

  • PSDs cannot be purchased at any time under any circumstance.

  • Under The Defamation Act of 2013, unjust and unfair defamation of the business name and its designer on any social media platform and/or third-party website is not tolerated.

  • By purchasing, the Client automatically agrees to ALL terms and conditions listed by The Pretty Little Design Co, including those classified for custom work.



1.  All payments must be made in full via

2. Pre-made covers are singular sale only. Any pre-made cover artwork sold by The Pretty Little Design Co. is marked as sold automatically and will be subsequently removed from the site at the earliest possible opportunity without notification to the Client or any other user of

3a. The Client understands that all pre-made artworks are not eligible for refund or exchange and are deemed non-transferable products.

3b. Pre-made covers cannot be resold in any form. Any Client found selling a pre-made made by The Pretty Little Design Co. will face legal action.

3c. The Pretty Little Design Co. does not allow sale or resale of any purchased pre-made covers with or without permission. These are a once only sale and must be respected by the Client to remain true to this. Any sales of pre-mades purchased by a Client and sold to another party will not be eligible to changes and may result in legal action.

4a. Prices vary per cover dependent on each design aspect, images used, and time required for changes.

4b. Each pre-made come with the following:

  • 1x high-res e-book

  • 1x high-res paperback wrap (JPEG and PDF)

  • 1x PNG text lock-up of title and author name.

  • x1 PDF for final printing

4c. To upgrade the package, the Client must pay an additional £35 via the author add-on option.

This will entitle them to the original package and the following:

  • 1x generic banner

  • 1x eBook teaser

  • 1x Cover Reveal image

  • 1x generic branded promo graphic

4d. Payment should be made via

4e. Any pre-mades made before May 2021 will come with the old package offers listed on the site.

4f. The Client understands that any additional graphics will be charged accordingly as stated on the author add-ons page.

4g. All pre-mades come with ONE set of changes of text.

4f. Changes included in price include changes to text, minor font changes to text and colour, and final text placements.

4g. Major edits to pre-mades which change main elements or create a more custom aspect to any pre-made cover are strictly prohibited and will not be fulfilled.

4h. If a client wishes to go through with major edits, they are expected to pay a £120 fee plus an hourly rate to find stock imagery as well any additional stock fee(s). 

5a. STANDARD licenses only - bought from a third-party site - Adobe Stock, Depositphotos, or any other site The Pretty Little design Co. may have credit it for.

5b. The Client is responsible for abiding by the rules of the license and purchasing Extended licenses when needed.

6a. The Pretty Little Design Co. is not liable to contact any Client for information that is required to deem a pre-made cover as complete.

6b. Any pre-made cover changes will be sorted around other work and should not be expected as an immediate job.

6c. The Pretty Little Design Co. aims for a maximum of a 14-working day turnaround for any changes.

6d. Delays may occur.

6e. Anything more major are chargeable at the hourly rate of £35 plus any additional payment to find appropriate imagery and to cover the cost of licensing image(s).

6f. Changes must be sent via email and include the order number, the title, penname, any subsequent taglines or additional information and the blurb. The blurb can be added separately but ONLY at the same time as receiving the final PDF.


6g. Pre-mades have no time limit on when information is sent.

6h. The Client acknowledges that any information sent must be final.

6i. Anything sent after delivery of final files is chargeable at the hour rate of £35.

6j. The Client understands that it is their responsibility to make sure information sent is grammatically correct and free of errors. The designer does not have to reach out to double check this information.

6k. Any files sent have a 24-hour window to be checked and errors resolved. The Pretty Little Design Co. cannot be held accountable for any errors in the final copy.

6l. After finalisation or if this timeframe runs out, additional changes will incur a fee of the designer’s hourly rate of £35.

7a. Delivery of final files is through third party site Dropbox.

8a. The Pretty Little Design Co. can, at any time, change the prices of pre-made artwork without notifying any potential and/or existing Clients.

8b. Prices are at The Pretty Little Design Co.’s discretion.

9a. If the Client wishes for a faster turnaround on any artwork, they acknowledge there is an additional charge.

9b. If this falls outside of the hours operated by The Pretty Little Design Co, the charge is the same as those applied to custom work – see full T&Cs for rates.

10a. Pre-made covers may or may not be made into series. This is due to availability of bookings and should not be assumed.

10b. The Client must ask before buying if this is possible when purchasing any cover.

10c. The Client understands that if they wish to continue a series, they can only do so with The Pretty Little Design Co., and will be charged the same as any other custom work with all relevant additional fees.

10d. Individual pre-mades cannot be combined and made into a series.

10e. The Pretty Little Design Co. creates pre-made covers as standalone products and does not have to agree to match. If agreed, the additional work required is chargeable.

11a. The Pretty Little Design Co. explicitly does not match other designers’ artwork and advise against this when purchasing any pre-made covers.

11b. Pre-made covers are not sold with the intention to continue a 'book brand' and are sold solely as they are.

12a. Clients understand that they cannot continue the cover artwork with another designer as The Pretty Little Design Co. own intellectual copyright of all designs they create.

12b. Continuing any elements of a design made by The Pretty Little Design Co. may result in legal action.

12c. All parties will be given a chance to rectify the issue.

13a. The client has no right to the PSD files

13b. PSD files will not be given, sold, or borrowed..

13c. The Client acknowledges this when purchasing any pre-made design.

14a. Under the UK civil law, The Defamation Act of 2013, any slanderous or unjust negative comments made in regard to The Pretty Little Design Co., its designer or its work will not be tolerated.

14b. Any posts on social media and/or third-party platforms made by non-UK citizens, will similarly be approached in regard to defamation of character and business.

14c. The Pretty Little Design Co. works hard to produce a safe and positive work environment and will work to rectify any issues and find a mutual resolution.

14d. If indisputable evidence shows that The Pretty Little Design Co., has acted unfairly towards its Clients, full fault will be taken by the business.

15a. By purchasing anything via The Pretty Little Design Co., you are agreeing to all terms and conditions listed by The Pretty Little Design Co. Including those outlined for CUSTOM WORK.

15b. Any pre-made purchase, regardless of when purchase was made, must abide by these terms and conditions.

15c. Failure to abide by this will result in legal action.

To read our full terms and conditions please visit:

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