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  • How do I book in with you for a custom cover?
    Simply send me a message on Facebook or drop me an email at Then we'll go from there in regards to booking availability and yours needs.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    No, not until your booking month. This is non-refundable AND non-transferable. To book in I allow a booking contract ONLY and you have until the month before to cancel with NO fee. This is to exercise trust between myself and clients, and ask everyone to always be transparent and honest about their booking and any changes that may affect it.
  • I see you're fully booked, where does that leave me with regards to booking opportunities?
    You will always be asked about joining my waiting list - unless this is too long and you will be waiting aimlessly with no hope! However, if you have purchased a pre-made and require a series continuation, this will be discussed with you. I always try to make allowances in these situations.
  • How does my booking slot with you work?
    Here is what to expect: The month before your booking - final confirmation without incurring a fee. The month of the month of your booking - contract is sent out, minimum of deposit and design brief are expected. The week of your booking - ALL custom work is carried out Monday through to Wednesday. You are expected to be active with a turnaround time of 4-hours for feedback. Once you feel like a design reaches expectation and is good enough to approve, you will be asked to 'sleep' on the cover and can give final approval the following day. After this point, you will be invoiced for any outstanding balances, and final files will be sent by the end of the week after full payment is made. You will then have a 24-hour grace period to check these files over. After this point, the job is seen as a completed and finalised, and any changes afterwards will incur fees.
  • What licensing comes with a book cover from The Pretty Little Design Co.?
    STANDARD licensing is what is used. Usually sourced from DepositPhoto and Adobe Stock. You are expected to work within the licensing agreements set out by the third party site and purchase Extended Licenses where applicable. It is your responsibility to ask and educate yourself on the limitations.
  • What can I do with my files?
    Your files will be named for the specific purpose and should be used in this manner. For example, BOOK TITLE - EBOOK/ BOOK TITLE - PAPERBACK MOCKUP/etc.
  • What can't I do with my files?
    EDIT or adapt any of the files you are sent. Create new files out of the files you are sent. You have no rights to edit any artwork you didn't create yourself. Everything is sent with a purpose for intended use and anything outside of this breaks the contract you signed and agreed to.
  • What happens if I need additional files outside of a custom booking slot?
    These are all handled around my booking list and are dependent on when you send the information. You will not be given a specifically timed slot.
  • What do I get when I purchase a pre-made cover?
    You are entitled to the following: eBook Paperback wrap Transparent PNG of title. Anything extra is charged at an additional cost.
  • Can I make a pre-made cover into a series?
    Yes! This is subject to booking availability, but always reach out via to check! You are NOT permitted to go elsewhere with a design.
  • How long do I have to use a pre-made cover I purchased?
    As pre-made covers are sold once only, you are not in a hurry to use them. Make changes at your pace.
  • The Dos
    These are generic Dos of ANY bookings with The Pretty Little Design Co. Contract. Deposit. Brief. These should all be done as soon as the information is sent to you on the first of your booking month. The job cannot start without any of these. Less is NOT more. Give as much information as you can in your brief! Do NOT skimp! Be active and be honest I can’t work without you, so delays cause, well, delays! Now, is not the time to be a YES person. If you don’t like it, let’s work together to make something you love! Have fun! We’re creating magic and bringing your book to life while pushing you closer to publishing - have fun with it! Have respect. This works both ways. Creating a cover is a collaboration, and respect should be mutual from both parties. My aim to give you a cover you're excited to have and use to sell your books, your aim should be to play an active role in this creation process and get the best out of me.
  • The Donts
    Cause delays This could be with the information needed from you or how quickly you give feedback. Remember you are not the only client booked in, so everyone is asked to be respectful and mindful of everyone. ALWAYS be upfront and honest if any delays are going to occur. Edit a mockup It is NOT your artwork to play with, and the chances of the Designer being able to replicate what you do is slim. This also leads to disappointments when it cannot be replicated. Use outside influences for feedback The job is between Designer and Client ONLY. Outside influences could have a job suspended. Haggle prices Prices are listed on the website for transparency. Yes, there are additional costs, but these are relative to the type of cover you require. Prices are set out based on the service quality you receive, the quality of files, AND the Designer’s knowledge and experience in their field. Expect more Packages list exactly what you are PAYING for. Anything additional you want or need comes with a price. This could be from simple things like an additional PDF all the way to foil based PDFs and audiobooks. Take a design elsewhere. You do have the rights to the intellectual property involved with cover artwork. Therefore, going to another designer, especially without permission, breaks intellectual copyright and can lead to damages and legal action.
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