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  • Booking requests are sent out by The Pretty Little Design Co. to enable fair chance.

  • To ensure overbooking does not occur, The Pretty Little Design Co. optimises bookings of 2-3 clients a week.

  • Clients have the opportunity to book in for single, duet, or multi bookings based on availability.

  • All clients have until the month before to change their booking slot without any charges.

  • All clients are expected to sign a contract with full terms and conditions before any work can begin.

  • Any cleint purchasing a pre-made cover, will be automatically agreeing to anything listed in the contract.



  • All custom work is handled Monday to Wednesday.

  • Clients must have fulfilled their 3 main responsibilities before their booking - contract, payment, design brief.

  • The Pretty Little Design Co. will work in order of first come, first serve with regards to receiving all 3 main elements.

  • Clients are expected to be active and give feedback within 4 hours of being sent their concepts.

  • Clients get TWO concepts, if needed, with THREE revisions per concept to ensure they have a voice and the cover meets their expectation.

  • Clients must “sleep” on any design before final approval is accepted.


Any other file requests are placed onto a “jobs list” and handled around custom work, but may take up to 14-working days.





- 1x high-res eBook cover

- 1x high-res paperback cover

-1x high-res eBook teaser cover (perfect for preorders and promo)

- transparent title PNG – colour, white, and black, if possible.

- 1x PDF copy for paperback printing upon final format.


Included is a maximum of 3 stock images.


- 1x high-res eBook cover

- 1x high-res paperback cover

- 1x high-res generic banner

- transparent title PNG – colour, white, and black, if possible.

- high-res eBook teaser cover (perfect for preorders and promo)

- 1x ARC edition of eBook

- 1 cover reveal graphic

- 2x generic branded promo graphics

- 1x PDF copy for paperback printing upon final format.


Included is a maximum of 5 stock images.


  • No payment is expected until the 1st of any booking month for all clients. 

  • Early payment is not required, instead all clients receive a booking contract.

  • Payment isn’t expected until contracts go out on the 1st of any booking month.

  • Clients have a week to fulfil payment along with a signed contract and a design brief.



  • Upon approval of any design, final payment is required within 7 days.

  • Delays will incur a daily fee of £35.



  • In order to keep work fair, additional fees in the form of discreet or manipulation fees may be applicable to fulfil work - this is based on individual needs.

FOR EXAMPLE, if you require an object cover, you will be expected to pay a DISCREET FEE to cover the time aspect needed as well as the package price.

These will be included as outstanding balances after approval is given.

  • It is the Client’s responsibility to read the site and know what they may or may not be expected to pay.



  • All clients are eligible to what is set out per package once a deposit is paid, anything outside of this will be billable. This is non-negotiable.

  • Additional files, like hardback covers, audiobooks, foiled editions, teasers, etc, are additional prices.



Outside of package prices, manipulation/discreet fees, and author add-ons, the following will incur additional charges:

  • Delays in fulfilling main client responsibility - contract, payment, design brief.

  • Changes to information already received and presumed final from the design brief.

  • Delays outside of 4-hours for feedback.

  • Additional concepts.

  • Additional stock imagery.

  • Delays in final payments.

  • Errors found outside of the 24-hour grace period after final files are sent.

  • Changes after the 24-hour grace period.


Prices laid out by The Pretty Little Design Co. are non-negotiable and subject to change and are only guaranteed at time of receipt for any payment made via the website.




  • Stock images.

  • Sourced mainly from AdobeStock and Depositphotos

  • STANDARD licensing only.

  • Additional costs may apply if a client exceeds those included in package prices.



  • Client is liable for having correct licences applicable for all exclusive images they send for their custom booking.

  • The Pretty Little Design Co. is not liable for any misuse of these images.



  • The Pretty Little Design Co. does not use AI-generated images.

  • If it is used by accident as stock sites update their perimetres, The Pretty Little Design Co. will discuss with the client next steps to rectify.

  • If the Client refuses, they assume full responsibility for the AI element within the design.



  • Due to the nature of licensing and intellectual copyright, full payment does not enable the Client to trademark any element of a design they have not created themselves.

  • The Client acknowledges they cannot alter or edit any part of the design without permission from the Designer under any circumstance.

  • The Designer still owns the rights to all original artworks in PSD form due to intellectual copyright.

  • PSD files are not sent as part of completed custom work.

  • All images are licensed using STANDARD licensing only.



  • Clients have until the month before their booking to cancel their booking free of charge.

  • An email is sent to allow the Client the opportunity to confirm, alter, or cancel their booking.

  • Changes to a booking after this email are eligible to a cancellation fee of £35 per cover to find a Client to fill their booking.

  • If a Client cancels once a booking slot has begun, they forfeit their deposit.

  • Deposits are non-refundable and  non-transferable.


PSD Files for Audio or Otherwise:

  • The Pretty Little Design Co. endeavours to create opportunities for publishers to purchase access to PSDs for the rights of international publications or audio publications in 2024.

  • Clients can purchase a flattened JPEG audiobook of any of their covers or PDF editions for foreign publications at a cheaper rate.



Any artwork received by the Client from the Designer is required to be credited to The Pretty Little Design Co., whether on social media, final products, sales platforms and/or the Client’s website.


Cover design © The Pretty Little Design Co.



  • The Client acknowledges that their approval of a design is final, and therefore takes ownership of the work created between themselves and the Designer.

  • The Pretty Little Design Co. is not liable for damages of any kind, including loss of revenue, profits, business, reputation, or data, in any way related to our graphic design services. 

  • The Pretty Little Design Co. is not responsible for any claim, loss, or injury based on errors or inaccuracies on our site or our clients’ written documents once the cover has been approved.

  • The Pretty Little Design Co. is not responsible for printing presses and final printworks.



  • The Client acknowledges that by placing any payment for package or service by the Designer they are agreeing to not post slanderous or hurtful comments on social media and/or third-party platforms that in any way may affect the Designer’s business.

  • Any issues must be brought to The Pretty Little Design Co. attention in order to resolve.

  • Under The Defamation Act of 2013 any posts on social media and/or third party may be liable to legal action and may be fined under this civil law.



  • Terms and conditions are non-negotiable

  • These are made agreeable with any purchase via the website,

  • Full terms and conditions are listed in the contract signed before any work can begin.

  • The agreement is the entire agreement of all parties. No additional promises or conditions, written or oral, apply to the agreement that are not included herein.

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