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  • Stricltly for more extensive edits.
  • Used when the cleint wants to customise a pre-made.
  • This fee does NOT include the time to find images or license.
  • Minimum hourly rate for image finding and additional stock image(s) will be applicable as well as this fee.
  • Normal pre-made changes (minor changes to fonts, colours, etc) are included in all base prices.
  • All payment must be covered before any work begins.
  • Payment is non-refundable, so we ask you are serious about this.
  • Work is booked in around designer's current jobs, so please expect delays.


Major edits to pre-mades which change main elements or create a more custom aspect to any pre-made cover are strictly prohibited and will not be fulfilled. If the client wishes to progress with customising a pre-made, they are liable to this add-on and any additional required to make it happen.


The client acknowledges they will be paying more than custom rates for this option.

Pre-Made Editing

    • Current clients only.
    • Client must purchase a pre-made before they require this.
    • The Client acknowledges they may end up paying more than custom rates for this add-on.
    • The Client is not liable to any additional files.
    • Client will pay this add-on, plus an hourly fee rate for image search and cost of covering additional stock(s) used once they have approved.
    • Client is responsible for sending relevant information - including the image required.
    • It is the clients responsibilty to get in touch with The Pretty Little Design Co. with regards to this add-on.
    • It is asked that all authors/clients pruchase this after a conversation regarding timescale and quantity with the designer.
    • The Pretty Little Design Co. does not offer any refunds.
    • You are agreeing to ALL of the terms and conditions set out by  The Pretty Little Design Co.  when purchasing even if they do not fit with this job type.