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Only required once final PDFs have been issued.




Prices are non-negotiable.


Prices will be reviewed June 2024.

Paperback changes

  • Only required once final PDFs have been issued.


    Allows client ONE new PDF

    More is required if you are needing more than one format.

    • Client will be expected to pay an extra fee for major changes to the artwork.
    • This add-on does not cover additional use of stock images and time taken to find the images.
    • One cover per 'cover change' add-on.
    • Prices are non-negotiable.
    • It is the client’s responsibility to make sure all information is final and correct.

    Changes to the PDF for printing is an additional cost if the sizing is affected. For example, if you’ve added additional pages or changed the trim size.

    • By purchasing the product, you agree to the terms and conditions stated by The Pretty Little Design Co..

    Breaking these terms and conditions could lead to legal action.

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