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Judging a book by its cover
              doesn't have to be a bad thing!

The Pretty Little Design Co. specialise in the romance genre*, 

offering high-quality covers which will help bring your stories to life.

*I do not book for fantasy or paranormal cover artwork.

Currently, FULLY BOOKED for custom bookings

feel free to reach out for more details or join the waiting list. 

                             Bookings are not promised even once on the waiting list.

Top tips for achieving

                     a great cover?

                                      1. Pick your designer wisely.

                                                         Make it personal. We won't get offended! 

                                                                                   Your choice of designer has to match what you're after and be able to show they

                                                                                                                     can offer high-quality covers that match the vibe and audience you're after.

                                   2. Don't skimp on the details!

                                                   Less is not more when it comes to forming a design brief. Think about details carefully.

                                                                                            Talk to your designer about your vision and brainstorm with them.

                        3. Think like a reader, not a writer.

                                 Your cover is your first point if marketing. Don't be too attached to a vision you can't see sense. 

                                               Your cover will grab readers before they've even read a single word

                                                                                                     - make it bold and make it a strong point of advertising.

              4. Have trust in you designer.

                                               You chose your designer for a reason. Build a healthy relationship with them and let them do what they're good at!

5. Have fun!

           You spend a lot of your publishing journey stressing about word counts and schedules and marketing 

                                      and everything in between, getting a cover should be the fun part.

                                                                     I think getting a cover should be like Christmas - exciting and full of surprises 😬

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